The industry chain of the first “tourism + social + finance”

TRCB Chain is positioned as a global tourism industry leader with social ecology and financial systems


The eco-chain TRCB Chain based on blockchain technology

Has the characteristics of decentralization, time series data, collective maintenance, programmable and secure, and is suitable for solving problems such as centralized, tamperable, opaque, and unreliable data.

  • User privacy protection mechanism

  • Identity authentication and asset protection

  • Open and equal trust mechanism

  • Smart contract

TRCB through the "tourism + social + financial" approach

TRCB uses the blockchain as the technology base to connect eight major ecosystems such as international tourism, social networking, games, high-end medical care, insurance, lending, wealth management, online airfare and hotel reservations. Delivering industry value, providing user privacy protection mechanisms, identity authentication and asset protection, opEco-chain TRCB Chain Based on Block Chain Technologyisting of all creators and consumer entities as nodes, a decentralized, common An economic model that creates value and shares resources.

Block Chain is a Revolutionary Upgrade of Internet

Block Chain will Help Economic Scale to Achieve High-Speed Growth

  • Entity Enterprise
    · Social website
    · E-commerce
    · Financial website
    · HTML Browser
  • Internet Enterprises
    · Social Club
    · Shop
    · Bank
    · Other
  • Distributed User Service
    · Social Chain
    · B2B Chain
    · Financial Chain
    · Chain Browser

Block Chain is the Catalyst of Economic Globalization

A New Way to Really Realize Interconnection, Minimize the Cost of Trust and Achieve Global Efficient Coordination